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Using y’all at every given opportunity is just one of the many changes I have had to learn adjusting from California to Texas. Weddings however, are quite similar. There were never as many cowboy boots under wedding dresses in California, and my country and Latin playlists have expanded a great deal, but once the groom is at the alter and the bride makes her appearance, the location becomes irrelevant.

So yes, California is where I cut my wedding teeth. I was with 2 different DJ/production companies in Sacramento. I got to train with and learn from a variety of talented DJ’s, but along the way I developed my own style. Being about equidistance from both Napa and Tahoe, I had clients from all over the country as they are both destination weddings, and we were on every preferred vendor list between them.

California was great but moving to Texas enabled me to open my own company and At Last Entertainment was born! Coming up with a company name was an interesting journey. The name I had hoped to use was taken by a company in Austin. I could’ve still used it I suppose, but what if that guy was terrible? I didn’t want any negative association, and Austin is not far enough away to think someone would think he was me. I had a few other front-runners I had written down, and I was reading them to my wife. I have done a lot of traveling (39 countries I am proud to say) and I thought an emblem of Atlas holding up the world would be a cool logo for a company called Atlas Entertainment. My wife heard it wrong and said, “Oh, At Last, I like that one!” I started to correct her and say, no Atlas…wait, wait wait…THAT’S IT!!!

My wife Serena and I are an excellent team. While I am the face of the company, she does most of the behind the scenes stuff and really keeps us organized. We are also parents to 3 little DJ’s in training. They are currently 8,6, and 3. So, as you can imagine, our lives are pretty busy. Sharing both the business and family life creates a level of partnership we have come to really enjoy. It’s not always easy. There are long weekends, late nights, and just an overall hectic pace. But we honestly feel so fortunate to be doing something we love and to be doing it together.

– Dominic

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