Hey there! We’re Dominic and Serena, the husband and wife team behind At Last Entertainment. We are a San Antonio and south Texas-based entertainment company serving fun couples in love. We value building relationships with our couples and treating your event with attention to detail and care!

At Last Entertainment Featured On Bridal Buzz

Dominic and Serena speak on the Bridal Buzz podcast

Did you hear the news? San Antonio Weddings’ podcast, Bridal Buzz, recently featured At Last Entertainment’s owners, Dominic and Serena. Check out the highlights below or watch the full interview (25 minutes)!

We were honored to be featured on Bridal Buzz to chat about Dominic and Serena’s experience in the industry, how we work with couples, and what we’ve done to pivot during the pandemic. 

From California Dreams To Puro San Antonio

Serena and Dominic got their start in California, where Dominic DJ’d for 10 years. He felt called to the profession because of his love of music and comfort on the mic. He performed all over Northern California, at venues from Napa to Tahoe. 

In search of a fresh start (and a more affordable cost of living), Serena and Dominic moved to San Antonio. “We got here as soon as we could!” Dominic says. 

Believe it or not, their original plan had nothing to do with weddings. However, after DJing Serena’s boss’s wedding, Dominic realized he missed participating in a couple’s big day. 

From there, the San Antonio business blew up quickly, and Dominic realized he needed to expand his services. “The cloning machine isn’t ready yet, sadly,” he laughs. From there, the couple even added more DJs to their ranks and Serena joined At Last as the full-time wedding planner.

“I don’t know how many married couples can work as closely together as we do,” Serena says, “But we really do enjoy working together.”

At Last Entertainment Today

Today, At Last has grown into a full-service wedding company, offering almost everything a couple needs to get hitched. From planning to entertainment to vendor selection, Serena and Dominic believe a personal approach is best. “It’s such a big day for people. They start to cling to people that they can rely on. And we build that relationship because we really do enjoy it,” Dominic says.

The couple offers tiered packages that give couples the flexibility to personalize their wedding:

  • DJ packages for mics, ceremony music, reception music, and lighting. 
  • Enhancements based on venue selection. Dominic personalizes this based on his experience with a venue, like offering extra speakers or more DJing time. Non-flammable sparklers are also a popular choice!

Consultation, Booking, And Packages 

When it comes to selecting a DJ for a wedding, Dominic always looks for personality fit first. “It’s not like caterers where you can do a tasting, or touring a venue,” he says. If a couple loves country music, he has a DJ who used to work at a country radio station. He has a bilingual DJ for Spanish-speaking weddings. Our DJ, Daniel, is even a classically-trained violinist!

The planning process is, understandably, more complicated. Serena asks clients to fill out a coordination questionnaire so she can help a bride select vendors, set a budget, and plan for the big day. 

But Serena and Dominic know how COVID-19 has affected brides’ plans this year. That’s why they rolled out two new services in response to the pandemic: 

  • Fiance Faceoff: When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, 60 couples rescheduled their weddings. “We wanted to do something to boost morale for these poor, heartbroken couples,” Serena says. So At Last created a virtual game couples can play, which serves as an online celebration for couples and their families. 
  • 50/50 Photo Booth: More and more couples are hosting smaller, live-streamed weddings. At Last partnered with 50/50 Photo Booth to offer high-quality streaming for couples who want to host smaller in-person ceremonies. 

The bottom line

In spite of a global pandemic, At Last has been able to help couples plan their perfect wedding, from DJing to wedding planning. If you haven’t had a chance to watch our interview with Bridal Buzz, check it out here!

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