Hey there! We’re Dominic and Serena, the husband and wife team behind At Last Entertainment. We are a San Antonio and south Texas-based entertainment company serving fun couples in love. We value building relationships with our couples and treating your event with attention to detail and care!

COVID-19 & The Event Industry

I think we can say with certainty, there is not one of us that has not been affected by the current pandemic. I thought I would give you some insight into how this situation has affected us and our industry…

It seemed as if everything changed overnight. We were driving home from our spring break getaway with the family to the coast. We had been keeping an eye on all the new information coming out, but nothing prepared us for the news that they were closing schools. I really think that is the moment we started to realize what we were up against. Then began the whirlwind of emails, calls, and texts. When all was said and done, we ended up moving over 50 weddings. But to us, these aren’t just events. Each one represents a couple who are dealing with tremendous heartache at having to postpone their big day into the future. And with that comes even more uncertainty. What will things look like in the summer and fall? We of course, don’t have those answers. All we can do is be there for our clients and assure them we will be flexible with this ever-changing situation.

If you really think about it, our industry relies on crowds to do business. Not ideal when gatherings are now unlawful and dangerous. Each day we look for some hope that this will all be over soon and we can get back to doing what we love. Dominic is an extrovert if I ever knew one…which is a good thing. No one wants the shy DJ, right? This whole thing has been extra hard on him. He is missing his weddings so much as he thrives off of interacting with people and performing. Our other DJ’s are also itching to get back out there. Most of them rely on gig type work to pay the bills. We have continued to support them as best we can.

I know this is a lot of doom and gloom, but it’s the reality of what we are dealing with. I do have to say that we have seen, not only our industry, the community come together in wonderful ways through this. It is our hope that, even as we move on from this eventually, we do not forget to be grateful and appreciate each other. Even if most of our interaction is virtual these days, it means so much. We look forward to seeing you again…celebrating with you and your loved ones. We will get there…together.