Hey there! We’re Dominic and Serena, the husband and wife team behind At Last Entertainment. We are a San Antonio and south Texas-based entertainment company serving fun couples in love. We value building relationships with our couples and treating your event with attention to detail and care!

Finding Fun Again

It is no secret if you are a creative in the events industry, that you have found yourself and your business turned completely upside down. Covid-19 is more than a virus affecting humans, it is devastating businesses left and right. How do I know this? I own one such business. Being the owner of At Last Entertainment and Events has been a labor of love. My husband and I started it over 5 years ago after working in the event industry for many years. We have come to really enjoy working together, the freedom it allows us with our family, and the celebrations we get to be a part of. Enter…Covid-19. It felt like in a matter of days we were looking at an empty calendar for the unknown future. To date we have moved almost 60 events and cancelled 3. We feel fortunate to be able to sustain, but the uncertainty of the future is daunting.

I must tell you that being married to a DJ and entertainment personality is a wild ride. My husband, Dominic, who has a background in standup comedy, is an eternal optimist. He will find the silver lining in any situation. It’s part of what I love about him most and it makes him great at what he does. People are always drawn to his charisma and positivity. He bonds with his clients in a way I don’t think others do. They trust him. They love him. It’s been good for business. When faced with Covid-19, I saw something in him I hadn’t really seen before. I can only label it as sadness. He missed his couples, his parties, his friends. And I was having daily conversations with heartbroken brides having to decide to postpone their big day. Each one of these couples were grieving, though many were trying to make the best of it, there was a sense of loss.

I’ve never been in the spotlight in our business. I’ve always remained behind the scenes and I like it that way. As I watched other businesses in our industry pivoting and getting creative with our current situation, I was inspired. I knew I had something that not everyone else had in their arsenal. I had a Dominic. I decided we needed to harness his energy and create a way for couples to find fun in their wedding journey again, but I knew we would need help. One of the best things about the event industry is the relationships you create. One such relationship for us is with the owners of 5050 photo booth, Liz and Garrett Armijo. Liz is an amazing graphic designer and Garrett has a brain and experience with tech like you’ve never seen. I knew immediately that they were the perfect yin to our yang.

Over a week or so of brainstorming sessions an idea became an experience. That experience then had a name…Fiancé Faceoff! Part gameshow, part dance party, all fun…this virtual celebration allows couples to connect with each other and their loved ones in more than just your average zoom call. Dominic, acting as host, leads the couple through a newlywed style game to showcase how well they know each other. We then switch to a dance break session where family and friends can go live and show off their moves. Lastly, we do a “how well do you know our couple” portion where Dominic asks the guests questions about the couple. There is also an opportunity to give quick shout outs and well wishes to the two lovebirds. Since we are producing the video live, we can also feature photos or videos of the couple and their guests. The best part is, when all is said and done, we deliver a keepsake copy of the recording to the couple to have as a memory of the experience.

When we did our first session, I was so nervous. Would it work? Would it be lame? Would everyone be bored? But just the opposite was true. As Dominic started engaging the couple you could see them giggle and laugh. They started opening up and visibly enjoying themselves. The feedback we received from guests was the same. They loved learning more about their niece, grandson etc. And they especially loved getting to see them interact with each other in a way they otherwise wouldn’t. Since Fiancé Faceoff has the capability to host up to 100 guests, it can really be used as a virtual engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette party, and more! People can join in anywhere they have access and we hope to stream the sessions live on Facebook for even more visibility.

The process of creating this new endeavor has been so rewarding. It has breathed life back into that creative side of us that we all miss so much when not able to work. But even more than that, it gives us back a piece of what we have always loved about our industry, connections. We get to laugh, dance, and interact with our clients again. The couple gets to feel good about their wedding and share this journey with their loved ones. Fiancé Faceoff is more than just a game. It’s a reminder that it’s still okay to celebrate.

Fiancé Faceoff Is More Than Just A Game

It’s a reminder that it’s still okay to celebrate.

Laugh, dance, and interact with your family and friends!
Fiance Faceoff is an interactive experience with up to 100 of your friends and family. Fiance Faceoff is not your average Zoom call y’all–it’s professionally produced, personal, and oh so much fun! Fiance Faceoof can be used as a virtual engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette party, and more! People can join in anywhere they have access.